Nothing Ruins Thanksgiving Dinner Like Dry Turkey. Chef Ramsay Shares Trick So It’s Always Moist

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And although we all know what the holiday should stand for – showing appreciation, giving hanks and all that – if we’re being honest, Thanksgiving is mostly about sharing great food with people you (sort of) love.
Food is everybody’s favorite thing about the holiday. And we can’t think of Thanksgiving food without including the famous perfectly roast turkey.
If you’re in charge of cooking the turkey for this year’s holiday, then you probably feel a bit anxious. After all, there are a million ways to mess up a turkey. And there’s nothing worse than serving a dry turkey to a bunch of hungry people who had really high hopes when they sit down at your table.
Not to worry, though, the clip below will help you out. Because if there’s anyone who knows how to cook a proper Thanksgiving turkey, that’s Chef Gordon Ramsey.
Watch him as he gives precious, step-by-step instructions on how to cook a moist, flavor-packed roast turkey, so, you know, you’re not the one ruining Thanksgiving for all your guests this year.
The best part is that you’ll be able to pull this off even if you haven’t as little as turned on your oven in the past months!

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