Nurse Films Adorable Moment Tiny Newborn Clings to Mom’s Face & Refuses to Let Go

There is no denying that childbirth is one of the most amazing and most emotional things that can happen to a woman. Nothing compares to the moment a woman becomes a mother. The emotions she experiences are so powerful and unique that no words can even come close to describe them.
Getting to see your baby for the first time after nine months of him or her living through you comes with an overwhelming river of emotions.
The video below captures that first physical outside contact between a mother and her newborn child, and the intensity of the moment is likely to bring tears to your eyes.
After delivering the baby with a Caesarian in a Santa Monica hospital, mom got to hold her baby daughter for a few minutes in her arms. And the connection between them two was immediate. The baby knew she was in her mother’s arms and was at peace.
What’s more, the baby felt so happy to feel her mom next to her that she actually clenched to her face and wouldn’t let go.
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