Few People Know the Half Moon Shape On Your Nail Could Save Your Life. What You Need to Know

Most of us make an appointment to the doctor whenever we need an update on our health, when we have a concern, even if we just need to make sure everything is alright. Nothing can replace a professional consult, but did you know that your nails can actually say a lot of things about your overall health as well?
Now, you have probably noticed there is a white half-moon shape that starts at your nail beds, although chances are you’ve never paid much attention to it. Well, that is actually a very important part of the nail called a “lunula,” which is the Latin word for “little moon.
Why should you care about it? It’s because that tiny part of your nail can actually give you precious insight into how well you are doing, health-wise. The condition of the lunula is an indicator of your wellbeing.
If your health happens to decline or if you experience sickness, it is manifested in changes to the lunula. It might disappear altogether. You see, you should definitely pay more attention to your nails, because they do a lot more than just look pretty.

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