He Places Biscuits In A Pan & Adds Pie Filling. Quick And Easy Dessert Everyone Will Love

Who doesn’t love dessert, right? If you ask me, it’s the best part of any meal. But although dessert generally gets eaten fast, not the same can be said about cooking it. Well, as it turns out, there are some recipes that even busy people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands can make.
The recipe shown in the video below is one of them. The dessert is actually a reinterpretation of the famous cherry pie that we all know and love – only with a twist. Unlike the traditional way of making it, this cherry pie won’t take hours and hours to make.
That’s because it employs some clever tricks like switching out the traditional homemade pie crust with a tube of biscuits. It’s these kinds of hacks that will help you save serious time and energy in the kitchen.
In fact, from start to finish, it should only take you about half an hour or so to make this scrumptious dessert. And it will taste absolutely divine.
Surprise your family and friends this weekend with a delicious, homemade dessert that is going to make everyone think you’re a top cook!
Here are step-by-step instructions that will surely come in handy.

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