Pup Begins “Talking” To Groomer. Mom’s Captured Footage Has Internet in Laughter

Most dogs enjoy being brushed, but when it comes to going to the groomer to trim their coat, things change. Many canines out there find it difficult to cooperate with the groomer, which can definitely lead to a frustrating experience for everyone involved.
And then there are cases like the one shown in the video below. The adorable dog in it not only cooperates with his groomer but it seems like he actually tries to communicate with her proving that dogs can be pretty chatty too when they are nervous or when meeting new people.
And he surely has a lot of things to say! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard any kind of dog do these types of noises ever before. And to make matters even better, the groomer’s laughter is absolutely hilarious!
Someone at the grooming salon managed to record the entire “conversation” that took place and later shared it with the world! And we couldn’t be happier, because this video has got all the elements of an awesome clip: dogs, comedy and the element of surprise.
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