Adorable puppies can’t stop hugging each other every time they meet

Two sweet puppies show the world that not just children from the same neighborhood can form special bonds, but dogs as well. In a heartwarming viral photo, the two were caught on camera affectionately greeting each other, just like they haven’t seen each other in years. But as it turns out, the two very best friends meet pretty often – weekly at least – and they always have the same reaction of joy!

Roberto Couto

The lovely moment, initially went viral on Twitter, after WeRateDogs shared it as a joke. “Hugging for the first time in over a year,” they wrote. Yet, the things are completely different for these two buddies. Simba – a mini Goldendoodle – and Cooper – a Havanese – actually live in the same neighborhood and go to the park together almost every weekend. Even more, Simba sometimes breaks out from his backyard to visit his dear friend.

Roberto Couto

The two friends, who both turned one a few months ago, know each other since they were puppies as they live in the same neighborhood in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

“They see each other on weekends or if Simba escapes my yard,” Simba’s owner, Roberto Couto. “They love each other, and my daughter and friend’s daughter are friends too.”

The moment the two puppies greet each other with an adorable hug, brought them a huge popularity online, encouraging other parents to share photos of their furry children showing affection to each other. Here are some of them:

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