Man drops down to the floor next to his puppy. Get ready to see their amazing interaction

Is there anything cuter than a tiny puppy acting all sassy and playful? Well, it’s sure in the top 5. Just look at the adorable pup in the video below!
The dog was feeling playful, so he did whatever it was in his power to get his owner to take a break from his busy day so that they could have a little bit of fun together. Using his wagging tail, wiggling body, and adorable puppy eyes, the tiny pet managed to get his owner to take a few minutes to get down on his level and play for a while.
And the puppy had the best reaction! He began showcasing just how much he loves his owner by showering him with kisses and small hugs. The interaction between them two is truly special and shows once more just how much better life is when you share it with a loving pet!
This has to be one of the cutest clips you’ll see all day, so make sure to share it with all of your friends and family online! I have to warn you, though, this is really, really going to make you want a puppy as soon as possible.

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