Puppy found starving near highway – but he finally found his forever home

Not all dogs start their journey with a fairytale beginning, and one little pup faced a particularly challenging start before being granted a happy second chance at life. Lucas, a street dog from Mexico, was fortuitously discovered by a traveling couple during their vacation in Los Cabos.








Alysse and her partner spotted the small black and tan puppy on the side of a Mexican highway and couldn’t bear to leave him behind, knowing he faced slim chances of survival on his own. Determined to give him a brighter future, they decided to take him under their care.

Despite his rough beginnings, Lucas now wags his tail happily after being rescued. Alysse further elaborated that after a visit to the vet, they named him Lucas and brought him back to the U.S. “Leaving him behind was never an option,” she emphasized.

“Lucas now enjoys a forever home with a cozy bed and an endless supply of treats.”








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