Puppy Won’t Stop Hugging Man Who Saved Her From Slaughterhouse

After being rescued from a slaughterhouse, a 4-month-old puppy named Sanie clung tightly to her savior and refused to let go. Michael Chour, the founder of The Sound of Animals, managed to persuade the owner to surrender Sanie just moments before she was scheduled to be butchered.

While on a mission to rescue as many dogs as possible from a dog meat farm in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he encountered Sanie, a terrified pup cowering in her cage. “When I stepped out of the cage, she remained frightened and fixated on the butcher,” Chour recounted to the Dodo. “However, when I turned my back on him, she nestled herself against me, placing her head under mine.”
“From then on, she clung to me and wouldn’t let go,” Chour continued. “Even when I attempted to place her on the ground at the veterinary clinic, she refused to release her hold.”

According to Chour, Sanie was likely taken from her family by thieves and destined for the meat trade. However, he believes that she now feels secure under his care. “She is aware that I rescued her and feels my affection,” Chour explained. “Dogs are astute creatures and comprehend things.”
While it may be impossible to reunite Sanie with her original family, Chour is determined to locate a new, loving home for her. Many of the dogs he has rescued have been adopted by families in Europe, and he hopes to secure a similar outcome for Sanie.

Sanie will stay with Chour and the other dogs he’s rescued at his shelter, Blue Dream where she can recover and learn to trust humans.
To find out more about the work The Sound of Animals does, visit their Facebook group.

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