Seeing the queen’s guardsmen march in formation is pretty impressive, even for an adult, so it is no surprise that this adorable little boy was totally fascinated when he got to see them do their famous walk just a few feet away from him.
Dressed in an adorable red uniform, the boy was visibly excited to be at Windsor Castle where him and his family decided to be for his 4th birthday. The boy hopes to become one of the queen’s guardsmen when he grows up, which is why they wanted to be as close to them as possible for his special day.
Now, the queen’s guardsmen are known for not displaying any kind of emotion or facial expression. They don’t generally interact with tourists, but when they saw the adorable boy all dressed up and full of excitement to see them, one of them decided to make an exception and bend the rules just a little bit.
Stopping in his tracks, the guardsman took a picture with the boy creating a memory the boy is likely to remember for the rest of his life. The entire moment was captured on video, so take a look: