Rowdy has an utterly unique face, but the reason why will surprise you

It’s enough to take a single look at Rowdy to notice his unusual face. The dog has two white patches around both his eyes, making him look like an adorable canine version of a Panda. But Rowdy hasn’t always looked this way. In fact, until a couple of years ago, Rowdy was an all-black dog.
At first, his owners were shocked to see the white patches getting bigger and bigger, but once they took Rowdy to the vet, they found out that it all had a logical explanation. Vets diagnosed Rowdy with Vitiligo, a disease that can also affect humans.
Vitiligo affects only a very small percentage of the population, and causes the skin to have a multicolored effect that can cause some people to feel very self-conscious about their appearance. Not Rowdy! Despite its condition, he is a happy, healthy pup that doesn’t seem to mind being different from other fellow canines.
Both him and his owners have embraced his unique skin markings. Moreover, the dog has actually become the face of a new charity organization meant to help teach kids that different is beautiful.
This is one adorable dog – that’s for sure! Just look at that face!

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