After Rumors Of A Rocky Marriage, Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Make Big Decision

This is hardly a secret: most marriages in Hollywood just don’t last. It’s not easy always being in the spotlight and maintain a healthy, happy relationship at the same time, but there are some couples that prove that true love exists even in Hollywood.
Country singer Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman became a couple more than a decade ago. They have been married for no less than 10 years, and of course, rumors of them breaking up are known to pop up in the news every now and them.
But every single time, the two have come out and dismissed the rumors by stating that their love is only growing by the day. So what is the secret formula behind their long-lasting relationship?
Well, as they say, they make sure to shower each other with affection and always work through their differences as soon as they come up. What’s more, the two have recently renewed their vows, and it’s something that has brought them even closer.
Their connection is obvious in the video below where they can be seen performing one of Keith Urban’s top singles called “Fighter.” Did you know Nicole Kidman was such a talented singer?

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