Sad bears caged for 20 years take their first steps of freedom

If these rescued bears could talk, they would have the most heartbreaking story to tell. Fortunately their story has a happy ending!

Bears are massive wild animals and they need a lot of space to roam. Therefore, there’s only one place these marge mammals have to live and that’s in the wild. Sadly, Bruno, Fifi, Marsha and Pocahontas never had this chance. Since they were little cubs, they were taken away from their moms. Their natural way of life was interrupted and the poor animals arrived at a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania.

Youtube/ PETA

Once they got there, Bruno, Fifi, Marsha and Pocahontas had been forced to perform tricks in order to entertain crowds of people. All their heartless owners wanted was to make huge profits from them, but they never properly fed them or took care of them.

After almost two decades in captivity, the zoo was closed down and the four bears were hoping again to a free life. Unfortunately, their dreams had quickly narrowed, after they ended in some tiny and rusty cages at the side of the road. The poor animals had no comfortable place to sleep, but concrete, nor a shade to protect them from the sun. Needless to mention they hadn’t hibernated for a very long time.

Youtube/ PETA

After so many years of suffering, Fifi, Marsha, Bruno and Pocahontas finally got a chance to freedom. In July 2015 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and The Wild Animal Sanctuary have managed (after long efforts) to rescue them. The moment these neglected bears were rescued, they just couldn’t believed their eyes and their reaction was beautiful to behold. Never knew a bear could smile. Take a peek:

Since the bears have spent all their lives in captivity it would have been impossible for them to get back in the wild, so the rescue team took them to a bear sanctuary in Colorado. At this facility, they finally got the chance to live a peaceful life. Even they were nothing but skin and bones when found, the bears and especially Fifi whose condition was the worst, made an incredible recovery almost a year after their rescue! Watch them bellow:

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