She crashed her car off the bridge, and when the paramedics moved her body they found something in her hands!

One fateful morning, Jennifer Duncan experienced a car crash on a bridge, resulting in a plummet of 9 meters. The day began like any other, with the 23-year-old Jennifer en route to drop off her 8-month-old son at the nursery. While crossing the bridge, her car collided with another vehicle, prompting both drivers to pull over to the side of the road, awaiting the arrival of the police. They believed they were in a secure spot, oblivious to the unforeseen danger that awaited them.

Out of nowhere, a third driver navigating the bridge lost control of the steering wheel, crashing into the stationary car directly in front of them. The force of the impact propelled them over the bridge railing, sending them plummeting to the pavement below.

As they descended, Jennifer’s sole focus was on protecting her baby. Instinctively, she enveloped the little boy, transforming herself into a human shield. Her swift decision-making proved effective, as her son not only survived but emerged without a scratch. Conversely, Jennifer paid a significant price, and her life was irrevocably altered. She was swiftly transported to the hospital, bearing a fractured pelvis, nine broken hind bones, fractures in her lower limbs and ribs, and numerous other injuries.

Over the ensuing period, Jennifer endured the loss of a leg, underwent 14 surgeries, and spent months in the hospital for rehabilitation. Reflecting on those harrowing moments, she shared, “My primary concern was ensuring his safety, making sure he would be okay. In the blink of an eye, I grasped the gravity of the situation, and as the fall began, I endeavored to stay as close to him as possible.”

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