She found a brown stone on the ground, but when she approached and saw what it really was, she got scared and ran away!

Certain animals possess distinctive physical traits that define their species, such as the giraffe’s long neck or the octopus’s tentacles.

This uniqueness is what makes the Nelson hedgehog an exceptionally rare member of its species. For entirely mysterious reasons, it came into the world as you see it – devoid of quills. It’s a hedgehog without spines.

Regrettably, without its natural means of self-defense, this bald hedgehog can never thrive in the wild.

The spokesperson from the wildlife fund reveals, “Nelson is truly an enigma to us. It’s truly astonishing how he has managed to thrive for so many years.”

Nelson appears to be in good health and enjoys a life of luxury, even receiving regular oil massage sessions. His owner believes that the reason for his lack of quills will likely remain a mystery forever.

While Nelson may not possess the typical cuteness of other hedgehogs you’ve encountered, he is undeniably the most extraordinary hedgehog you’ll ever come across.

Here are some images:

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