Simon Said Her Song Choice Was Nuts. Seconds In, Forced To Eat His Own Words

In a competition like X Factor, the song choice is almost as important as the voice of those who compete for a place in the competition. Contents only have a couple of minutes to showcase their talent and prove they deserve to be a part of the show.
So a poorly-picked song that doesn’t highlight that something that makes the contestant unique can make the difference between success and failure. The song not only has to emphasis the singer’s talent but also their personalities and their stage presence.
So when the young woman in the video below went up on stage and said she decided to sing Amazing Grace to earn a place further down the competition, Simon Cowell was a bit skeptic. “You are a brave girl,” he said, which clearly indicated the fact that he had some doubts when it comes to the girl’s chances of success.
But her unique take of a song we all know by heart has surprised both the judges and the audience. It’s extremely difficult to tackle a song that already has an identity and make it your own, which is what makes this performance so impressive. Take a look:

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