Soldier Buys Back Parents’ Foreclosed Home

A lot of people took a huge hit during the recent economic recession. Many people lost their jobs, and even their homes. Most of them never saw it coming and were not prepared to handle the situation.
The family in the video below was left in a desperate situation after they were unable to make mortgage payments. The house they had called a home for a significant part of their lives and that meant so much to them was foreclosed-upon. The family had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and had no hope of things getting better any time soon.
But help came from within the family. Jose Cordova, the oldest son in the family and a soldier in the United States Army, was the one who managed to save the day. The man saved every single one of his paychecks from the military and thus managed to put together about $30,000.
With that money, the 25-year-old managed to buy back the house he grew up in and gave his family the surprise of a lifetime. This is a wonderful story that proves once again that family is always the most important.

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