Police Warning: If A Stranger Asks “Can You Hear Me?” On The Phone, Quickly Hang Up – Here’s Why

Technology does a lot to make our life easier. But unfortunately, with new developments in technology also come new threats and new potential risks.
Criminals are getting better and better at leveraging our desire to keep up with the latest tech to access sensitive information like credit cards, bank accounts info and more. The key to protecting yourself and your assets is to take precautionary measures and stay up to date with latest scams used by criminals.
One of the said scams starts off pretty harmless. The targeted victim gets a call from an unknown phone number. Taking advantage of people curiosity, criminals use this technique to lure victims in their trap.
Once the unsuspecting victims takes the call, the person at the other end of the line introduces themselves and then asks a seemingly simple question “Can you hear me?” Nothing that could indicate a suspicious activity, right?
Wrong. The purpose of this question is to make victims say “Yes” and record their answers which will later be used to scam them. Make sure to share the video below to warn others about this issue, so that less people fall into the scammers’ trap..

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