Stray Dog So Matted He Looked Like A Piece of Wood

Damjan Lukić, a skilled dog groomer hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, has been dedicated to his craft since 2017. Beyond tending to his clients’ beloved canines, Damjan and his partner Sanja actively engage in rescuing stray dogs in dire need of assistance. However, nothing could have prepared Damjan for the encounter with Rocky.

Rocky had been surviving near a gas station, and it proved to be a challenging two-hour endeavor for Damjan and Sanja to apprehend him. The dog, resembling a puli breed, was in the most deplorable condition Damjan had ever witnessed, leaving his heart shattered. Expressing his distress, Damjan shared, “I was utterly devastated by the state he was in. It was the most appalling condition I had ever come across.” Due to the severe matting of Rocky’s fur, Damjan sought the aid of a veterinarian to sedate him before commencing his work.

Undeterred by the arduous task ahead, Damjan dedicated himself to the task at hand.

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