The next day they were to get married and fell asleep after making the final preparations

Those who have experienced a wedding firsthand are well aware of what to anticipate and the considerable stress associated with this significant event in a couple’s life. As a bride, one must consider the gown, footwear, bridesmaids, venue, and all the intricacies that the day entails. And when it’s all said and done, people often vow never to go through it again.

Angie Ver Huel left no stone unturned to ensure her wedding went off without a hitch, and all the attendees were pleasantly surprised by the delightful touches she and her husband had arranged. Nevertheless, everything took a dramatic turn, even on the eve of the wedding, when he awoke and made a discovery that would profoundly alter his life.

Angie dedicated years of her life to teaching at South Middle School in her hometown of Waukee, Iowa. Since childhood, she had harbored dreams of finding her prince and creating a beautiful, perfect family with him.

Then one day, she crossed paths with Justin, a 30-year-old man who embodied everything she could desire in life. He was intelligent, handsome, humorous, and held a respectable position at the bank.

In September 2013, Justin proposed to her, and she joyfully accepted. They spent a year planning their wedding down to the smallest details. Justin’s coworkers were thrilled to see him find his soulmate, but there was one individual among them who wasn’t pleased.

On May 8, 2014, nine months after their wedding, Justin and Angie were at his parents’ house, eagerly anticipating the day ahead.

In the middle of the night, Justin’s mother, Marie Michael, was awoken by a horrifying noise from the ground floor. She heard the bedroom door open, followed by three gunshots, and Angie’s terrified screams. She immediately realized that something dreadful had occurred.

Justin had been shot multiple times, even while lying beside his fiancée. When she awoke, she discovered that no one remained in the room except for Justin, who lay next to her.

Marie urgently contacted the police, who commenced an investigation into this perplexing case. Initially, Angie was a suspect, but the authorities soon cleared her of any wrongdoing due to her experience.

The happiest day in the lives of the couple had transformed into a genuine nightmare. Angie was at a loss as to who could commit such a heinous act, and the police were exploring various scenarios.

Approximately 30 minutes after the gunshots were heard, an abandoned car was discovered near a highway, and the police proceeded towards it.

The car belonged to David Moffitt, Angie’s ex-boyfriend, who had ended their relationship via a message when she began dating Justin. He worked in the same department as Justin and had not been pleased about Angie’s engagement.

However, the police also uncovered a shoebox containing a bill in the name of Andrew Wegener, another of Angie’s ex-boyfriends. Further investigation revealed evidence indicating that David had illicitly used Andrew’s name to implicate him in a horrific murder.

A year later, David received his sentence, bringing relief to Angie, who was grateful that the real perpetrator had been apprehended.

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