Tiny donkey wants to be a clydesdale, has internet in stitches as he pleads his case

New commercials come out every single day, and these days, it’s all about getting as many celebrities on board and employing all kinds of special effects to make the visuals more interesting. But if you ask me, the best commercials are the ones that tell a story that people can really relate to

Those are the ads that can withstand the test of time and that never go out of style. And the Budweiser commercial you are just about to watch is definitely one of them. The ad features Budweiser’s legendary Clydesdale horses and an adorable little donkey that has big dreams. Despite his small stature, the donkey wants to be a part of the Clydesdale’s group one day and he has a great way of pleading his case. The donkey is determined to make up for what he naturally lacks through ambition and perseverance.

The adventures he goes through on his way to earning his place among the Clydesdales are both endearing and hilarious. From pulling beer in pulley to getting hair extensions on his legs to resemble a horse, the donkey is willing to go to extreme lengths to fulfil his dream. Find out how his journey ends by watching the video below:

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