Tiny Foal Won’t Leave Man After Getting Petted. Pulls Stunt That Has Internet In Laughter

All pets love getting attention. Whether it’s a good belly rub, a scratch under the chin or just some good-old-fashioned cuddling time, animals with hair and fur enjoy the sensation of being pet.
That’s because touch gives them a sense of comfort and allows them to bond with their human companions.
However, although we would expect for a dog or cat to come to us asking to get petted, not the same can be said in the case of other animals, like, let’s say, donkeys.
But if the video you are just about to watch is any indication of the truth, then it’s safe to safe donkeys enjoy getting scratched and touched just as much as other pets do. Well, at least this donkey does.
In fact, he loves getting a good booty scratch so much that he is willing to stand patiently waiting for his human friend to scratch him over and over again. And since the donkey is so hilariously adorable, the man can’t resist but comply with his wishes.
The entire adorable interaction between them two was caught on video and it will most likely put a giant smile on your face. So take a look and don’t forget to share!

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