Two Dogs Are Adorably Guilty For Stealing Snacks

Dogs have a lot of amazing qualities. They are kind, playful and can instantly make a day better just by physically being there for their owners when they have had a bad day. However, there’s one thing that dogs are really bad at, and that is hiding the truth and pretend.
If you’re a dog owner, you know this. Whenever a dog has done something it wasn’t supposed to like steal snacks or chew things and they get caught, you can immediately see it all over their faces.
Dogs get that guilty look which ironically makes them so adorable that you as an owner can’t find it in your heart to punish them. It’s exactly what happened in the video below. Mom discovered her two dogs were getting their paws on the Dentastix without her permission, and went demanding some answers. The way the dogs reacted is just priceless. It’s pretty obvious that the dogs knew exactly why mom was angry on them, so they immediately retrieved to their dog beds and started looking down, as if acknowledging their fault and feeling ashamed.
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