This veteran isn’t about to let a burglar rob his home

How would you react if you saw a possible burglar sneaking around your house? It’s definitely a scary scenario, and if you’re like most people, your first instinct would probably be to hide and call the police. Well, not this guy!
Andrew Meyers is a veteran paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. He has the experience, the training and the knowledge needed to protect himself against an opponent in one-on-one combat. So when a burglar tried to rob him on Veterans Day a couple of years back, the man didn’t see it necessary to call the police first. Instead of waiting around for the cops to show up, the man took matters into his own hands.
The footage captured on the man’s surveillance camera shows the moment Andrew confronted the trespasser. Andrew later said that the burglar tried to convince him that he was actually living in the house, something Andrew knew very well wasn’t true.
Then, the burglar tried to throw a punch. Let’s just say that was a bad idea. Andrew’s training kicked in and the stranger was shown just how military men handle burglars on their properties.
This burglar definitely picked the wrong house to rob. Take a look:

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