Waitress serves grumpy old man for 7 years, after he passed away a lawyer delivers $50k tip in his name

Melina is working as a waitress at a Luby restaurant in Brownsville, Texas. And one of her most loyal customers as Buck” Swords, an 89-year-old WWII veteran. However, the woman described him as being cranky, rude, and insulting.

He was particular about his food and demanded that it be served piping hot. But, the waitress never complained about his demeanor and she always tried to serve him with a smile. And somehow, giving his attitude, Walter has always smile back.

After he visited the restaurant daily for almost seven years, in one day Melina noticed her special client’s absence. Shortly thereafter she saw his name in the obituary section of the local newspaper. As a kind woman she is, Melina was really sad at his passing. But, when she came back to work a layer has paid her a visit. It was about to be he surprise of her life. Walter had left her $50,000 and a car because she had always been so nice to him.

After all, treating everyone with a smile doesn’t cot you anything. Even if they don’t smile back. Because, you never know how much your positive attitude can influence someone else’s life.

Source: http://nicerdays.org


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