Watching this girl hear her father’s voice for the first time will make your day

Technology nowadays is incredible. It has already changed our lives, and it will continue to do so in ways we can’t possible imagine. For some people out there, technology is what offered them a chance to live a normal and fulfilled life.
It’s the case of the brave girl in the video below. Maggie Gleason was born deaf, and at that time, doctors said she will never be able to hear and that there was nothing they could do for it. Although her parents consulted several other specialists, they’ve all said that there was nothing that can be done to help Maggie.
But fourteen years later, something that was deemed impossible was made possible. Maggie can now hear, and it’s all thanks to technology development. But the truly remarkable thing is that she’s hearing with her brain, not her ears.
Find out more about the special technology that made everything possible and see the girl’s reaction to hearing her father’s voice for the first time by watching the video below.
As far as inspirational videos go, this one is definitely worth the watch! Take a look and don’t forget to share this incredible moment with all of your friends and family!

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