No One On the Internet Can Tell Whether This Animal Is a Cat or a Dog

A lot has been said and written about dogs and cats; about how they are innate enemies and about how they can never be best friends. But one thing that I’ve never heard being said about dogs and cats is how much they look alike.
It’s not surprising, though. I mean, cats and dogs definitely don’t look alike, right? Well, that used to be true. And then photos of this adorable-looking creature surfaced the Internet, and now it seems like more and more people are getting confused when it comes to dogs and cats, and how exactly each one of them are supposed to look like.
It seems like the adorable pet in these images has somehow managed to amass the best features of both dogs and cats.
The adorable fluff-ball has become an Internet sensation, and it’s all thanks to its unlikely appearance.
As many Internet users have noticed, the pet looks like a cute mix between a dog and a cat, with cat-like fur and dog-like size. This adorable, little pet has stirred up quite the controversy online, with some people saying it’s a cat and other’s betting it’s a dog.
But there’s one aspect everybody agrees upon, and that is that – dog or cat- this little pet is as adorable as can be.
What do you think about this cutie? Is it a dog or a cat?

Here are some pictures to help you decide.


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