Wild deer sees man eating an apple, brings her baby over for a snack

The graceful deer are just as shy as adorable, so although they are a pretty common sighting all over the country, they usually avoid human presence. But as it turned out, there are plenty of exceptions – deer that rather approached human beings instead of running away from them. Well, if you’re looking for some very friendly deer, then you should visit this quiet forest in north of Peterborough, Ontario!


A wonderful place, this grassland forest is a veritable natural sanctuary for deer. Because this area is protected by the law and there are very few natural predators, the deer population here is flourishing. Due to these highly favorable conditions, deer aren’t just thriving, but they are also extremely comfortable when there are humans around.


This man wanted to convince himself about the deer’s friendliness, so he went to enjoy their relaxing company. Though he knew deer from around are far from timid, he never thought they would so bold to approach him for a snack. Yet, he quickly learned that as soon as he started to eat an apple.


The sound of the apple crunching most have gathered them, because the beautiful deer immediately approached the man soon as they realized he’s willing to share his snack. But when realizing the treats are for free, one of the deer decided to bring her baby fawn over for a tasty bite. The moment was caught on video and it’s a pleasure to watch!

Take a look:

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