Woman Is Repeatedly Stopped by Same Cop, Their Showdown Instantly Goes Viral

Ever had a teacher in school who was also the parent of one of your classmates? I always thought that was an awkward situation, for both the teacher and the kid. I mean, having to see your parent give bad grades to your colleagues and then having to hear them complain about it has to be difficult.
But you know what’s worse than having your parent as your teacher in school? Your dad being a cop and pulling you over whenever he sees you in traffic just to make sure you’re okay and that you’re wearing your seatbelt.
It’s a struggle the young woman in the video below is very familiar with. Her dad constantly uses the fact that he is a police officer to stop her in traffic and check out on her. As harmless as it may be, there is no denying the fact that it can get pretty annoying after a while.
So, to maybe make him stop behaving like a concerned parent in a uniform, the young woman decided to take a video to show the world what her dad is up to. Titled “These cops will pull you over for literally everything,” this clip will put a smile on your face.

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