Young boy with Down is rejected before homecoming dance, but he was approached by a stranger and his mom looses it

High school dances are important social events in the life of any young men and women. It’s an opportunity to hang out with your colleagues and also make new friends in a setting that is more laid back than a normal classroom.
These events are supposed to be fun and relaxed, but there’s no denying the fact that many young people feel pressured by these types of social gatherings. Not Daniel, though. The young man you are about to meet by watching the video below felt nothing but excitement thinking about his homecoming dance.
That’s until he began being rejected by every single girl he asked to be his date. The reason Daniel got rejected every single time? He has Down Syndrome, and the girls at his high school were afraid about how people would react to seeing them with someone who is different from the rest.
Fortunately, though, not all girls think like that, and Daniel actually got to go to his dance with a beautiful young lady named Kyle whose only wish was to make Daniel’s night as fun as possible.
Kyle is actually a 10th grader at Daniel’s high school. Find out what other surprises she had in store for Daniel by watching the clip below.

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