Young Girl Debuts Old Lady Puppet. Within Moments She Starts Flirting with Simon

When most of us think about what it means to be a great ventriloquist, we often think about the skills needed to animate the puppet. Also, we think about the fact that ventriloquists have to throw their voices and speak without moving their lips.
But it takes a lot more to be a great ventriloquist. Another important quality this types of artist must possess is spontaneity. For instance, they have to be able to react on the spot when someone in the audience asks them a question– all while staying within character.
What’s more, the best ventriloquists must know how to channel their emotions into something positive. Well, the talented young lady in the video below named Darcy Lynne has all the qualities listed above, and more.
As a result, she managed to get all the way to this year’s semifinals at America’s Got Talent where she performed on stage with her puppet Edna. Simon Cowell – more precisely Edna’s love for him – was the main topic of the conversation between Darcy and Edna, and the audience loved it!
It’s incredible how talented and skilled Darcy is, especially considering her age (she is only 12 years old). This is amazing!

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