You’ve never seen cats like THIS before—SILLY

You can say anything you want about cats, but you can’t say they are boring. Although they have their fair share of let’s call them genetic behavioral flaws, felines are definitely fascinating creatures. If you have a cat of your own and you are like most cat owners out there, then chances are you can spend minutes and minutes in a row just watching your fury friend and carefully analyzing its every movement.
Well, if that’s the kind of activity you enjoy, then you are surely going to be able to appreciate the video below as well. Filmed in high definition with super high speed video reduced to crystal clear slow motion, this video lets you see what your eyes don’t. Although the human eye is extremely sophisticated, there are certain things, especially details, it can’t capture because everything just happens too fast.
Thanks to technology, you can know get to know cats even better. Everything just looks better in slow motion, and these cats make no exception.
This is the perfect mixture between cats and technology! Take a look and don’t forget to share the images with all of your cat-loving friends.

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