10-year-old sees sad pup lost and forgotten at shelter, helps all 42 dogs in shelter get adopted

It’s been said before, but it’s something worth repeating: kids have a unique way of seeing the world.
They are always hopeful and have this amazing ability of always seeing the glass half full. They see the positive in everything and bring out the best in us. It’s that attitude that helps them spark real change in the world.
Emmy Perry is one of those amazing kids who are capable of driving positive change in the world. The ten-year-old girl loves doing the same things as most kids her age. She’s into sports, school and arts. But unlike her peers, she doesn’t spend her free time in front of a computer.
You see, Emmy has a huge passion for helping animals in need in any way she can. She loves looking after animals and spends most of her time outside of school volunteering at animal shelters.
What’s more, three years ago, she started saving up all of her money to help as many dogs in the world as possible. Her determination and kindness inspired others, and the result is a viral video that everyone needs to see!
Make sure to have a box of tissues nearby, because chances are you are going to need it.

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