Off-Duty Cop Eating Lunch Sees Creepy Guy Walking Behind Child, Takes Immediate Action

Most of us have a comfortable nine to five job that ends when we walk out of that building where we work.
Well, not the same can be said for most police officers. Their instincts don’t fade away at the end of the work day. Even when they are not in uniform, they still remember that commitment they’ve made to serve and protect their countries and its citizens.
No passionate police officer can notice something is not right and not take action. They have to act and help when someone is in danger. It’s what happened in the case of a police officer from Central Florida.
The off-duty cop was at the right place at the right time and helped prevent a kidnapping. The quick-witted man was out enjoying his day off when he decided to pull into a local McDonald’s restaurant and have something to eat for lunch.
Soon after getting in line at the drive thru, the man saw a person that he later described as “a creepy looking guy who was walking behind a young boy.” Something in his gut told him that the man was up to no good, so he followed him with his eyes.
Just minutes later, the creepy stranger followed the boy to his family’s car. Then, taking advantage of the fact that there was no adult in the car, he grabbed the child by his shirt and tried to pull him out of the car.
Then is when the police officer sprang into action and brought the kidnapper to the ground.

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