A stray dog was found curled up in the snow, keeping some poor, orphaned kittens warm

Over the weekend, while driving on a frosty night in Ontario, Canada, a good Samaritan noticed something that made him stop.

There, crouched on the side of the snowy road, was a shivering stray dog. But she was not alone.

Although the dog could have found a safer place to spend the night, he wasn’t just thinking about her.

A closer look revealed that the gentle pup had wrapped himself around five orphaned kittens, which he was hugging for warmth in the harsh temperatures.

The good Samaritan, in turn, saved them all from the frosty night by taking them to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter. But by then, an incredible bond had already formed between the dog and the kitten.

For the rescue staff, learning the circumstances of this case made one thing clear: the puppy saved the kittens’ lives.

“It’s really heartwarming!” a spokesperson for the shelter told The Dodo. “It had been a very cold night, so it would have been very difficult for these kittens to survive.”

The kittens are now safe but require treatment for flea and worm infestation. Meanwhile, the sweet stray puppy who rescued them insists on monitoring their progress with regular visits – like a proud mother.

It’s still unclear where the dog or kittens originally came from or if they knew each other before that night. Pet and Wildlife Rescue is hoping an owner will come forward to claim them, but if not, they will be put up for adoption.

However, thanks to that brave puppy, a sad ending for the kitten was turned into a happy one.

“Our staff sees many difficult situations every day and stories like this make every heartache worth it,” the shelter said.

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