2 Handsome Dr.’s Serenade Patients. Sultry Voice Has Internet Falling In Love

Time and time again, statistics have placed being a surgeon as one of the top, most stressful career choices in the world – and it’s no surprise why. Behind the reputation and the high salary that comes along with it, lies a tremendous sense of overwhelming responsibility that every surgeon experiences.
After all, it’s not easy being trusted with the life of another human being and knowing that a single wrong move can have devastating consequences. And although they often do things that seem supernatural, at the end of the day, surgeons are only human. This means that they too have to decompress and find ways to relax, even if their line of work.
In the case of the two surgeons in the video below, the best way to relax in between surgeries is to create beautiful music. Taking advantage of the fact that there is a piano at the clinic where they work, Elvis Francois and Dr. William Robinson often sit down to do renditions of their favorite songs.
In this clip, you can listen to them performing an emotional rendition of “Alright” by Mike Yung, and it’s something you will instantly want to share with all of your friends and family online.

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