This 2-year-old sings the blues like a pro. He’s so good!

Learning the blues is no walk in the park. It’s a genre of music that needs to be felt inside to sound properly. It not only demands a great control of the voice so that the performers can use it anyway they want but it also requires the performer to have a certain sensitivity to musical structure.
There aren’t many people out there who can master this genre of music, but the 2-year-old in the video below is on to a good start. Although he is only 2-years-old, the boy already has the hardest part of learning the blues over with.
You see, blues is almost feel music. What this means is that singers have to understand the lyrics and feel the song within themselves. It’s just not going to sound right otherwise.
It’s pretty obvious by the performance captured in the clip that he feels the music inside and has a tremendous passion for it. Sure, he is still too young to understand the full meaning of the words he’s singing, but his voice flows with the mood of the song, which is a huge achievement.
Enjoy! Smile! And have an awesome rest of the day.

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