Dad Tells Dog He Bought a Kitten. Internet Can’t Stop Laughing at Dog’s Comeback

We tend to treat our dogs as legitimate members of the family, so there is no surprise that many owners like to talk to their pets. But, of course, we don’t expect them to talk back.
Well, one owner decided it would be interesting to give his dog a “voice,” and put together a series of hilarious YouTube videos, with his dog as the main character.
He started by taking a video of the pup doing its usual facial expression, but added a twist to the video in the editing process. What we mean by that is he gave the entire video a hilarious voice over to make it seem like him and his dog are actually having a conversation.
What was the subject of the conversation? A kitten; more precisely whether the owner had bought one or not. The clip was watched millions of times, and you’ll see why so many people loved it once you take a look at it yourself.
The voice over is perfectly in sync with the dog’s awesome reactions and moves, and the entire “conversation” is both endearing and hilarious.
Take a break from your busy day to watch this! You won’t be sorry!

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