20 Beautiful Skaters Dress As Soldiers. When Music Begins, Their Moves Leave The Crowd Dazzled

If you’ve ever went ice skating, then you know how hard it is to maintain your balance and not fall down on your buttocks. So can you imagine how difficult it must be do complicated moves and tricks –while also making sure your moves are synchronized to those of other dancers?
It’s safe to say that executing this type of a performance is no small feat, but the amazing artists in the video below managed to do it brilliantly. Dressed in beautiful toy-solider costumes, the 20 skaters left the entire audience in awe when they performed at the Sweden International Tattoo championships.
They are all a part of the Estonian Precision Roller Skating Team, a group who had a long history of delivering the best performances on ice rinks across Europe. These incredible skaters never disappoint, and it’s all thanks to their amazing abilities as well as all the hard work they put into creating every single one of their routines.
It’s not easy to put together a fabulous moment such as this, but all that effort translates into creating magic on ice.
If you have any friends who love ice skating, then this is for sure the video you should share with them today.

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