The animal kingdom is full of wonderful and unexpected friendships, but this one takes things to a whole new level. Fuku-chan, a 5-year-old owl, and Marimo, a fluffy, cuddly kitten, are best friends, and together they have become an internet sensation in Japan.
The owl and the kitten live together at the Hukulou Coffee shop, named after the Japanese word “owl”. After the coffee shop staff began posting pictures showing their incredibly cute friendship in action, multiple popular Japanese online blogs and media outlets have started picking up the photos.
That is how millions of people from all over Japan heard about the owl and the kitten and immediately feel in love with their story.
According to the coffee shop’s owners, Marimo and Fuku-chan hit it off immediately after they brought home the kitten as a playmate for Fuku-chan who had been feeling quite lonely. Now, the unlikely pair is inseparable, so it’s not hard for the coffee shop’s staff to continue to take photos showing them together.
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