Big Sister Goes In For A Hug, But It’s Baby’s “Comeback” That Made Mom Run For The Camera

Much as they try to make all their kids feel equally loved, many parents have to figure out how to deal with their kids getting jealous on the attention their siblings may be receiving from them.
This is often the case in families where there is a young baby who of course needs more attention from mom and dad. Older siblings may feel like it’s unfair for the baby to be getting more attention, and this can even lead to the kids not getting along.
In severe cases, the brother or sister who feels neglected can end up developing feelings of hate towards their younger sibling. No parent wants that, which is why it’s important to encourage kids to express their affection for their brothers and sisters as often as possible.
It can be done, even in the case of really young children, and the beautiful interaction between a sister and her baby brother captured in the video below proves it. This has to be one of the sweetest brother-sister moments ever caught on video, so make sure to spread the joy by hitting that Share button.
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