After Months Of Silence, Kathie Lee Finally Admits What We’ve All Been Suspecting

As you probably know, Kathryn Lee Gifford is a successful American television host, singer, songwriter, author, comedian, and actress. During her impressive career that stretches over decades, Kathryn managed to fulfill her greatest career goals and dreams, while keeping most of her private life, well, private.
Still, her life was not without hardship, but she always managed to solve all of her problems and turmoil without getting involved in any major media scandal. She always turned to God and to prayer, and that’s something that stayed with her throughout her life.
But after her beloved husband Frank Gifford and mother Joan Epstein both passed away, Kathy felt like she needed to speak about her feelings and her hardships. She wanted to let her guard down and maybe help others who are going through the same excruciating experiences.
Recently, after months of silence, Kathy sat down for an intimate interview where she talked about her faith, her struggles and the future. This is the first time that the famous singer shares so many details about her personal life, so if you appreciate her, this clip is right for you.
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