Over 20 years ago, Patrick Swayze and his wife gave a performance that will never be forgotten

Today, it seems like anybody with a phone and an internet connection has an opportunity to become famous. But while these moments of fame come and go, some things never go out of style. There are certain personalities and moments throughout Hollywood history that can never be forgotten.
Patrick Swayze dancing to his wife Lisa Nieme for the first time on international television is one of those moments that will give you goosebumps even today. The images below were recorded more than 20 years ago at the World Music Awards, the 1994 edition.
The couple danced to the song All The Man That I Need by Whitney Houston and their performance was downright incredible. After the huge success that was Dirty Dancing, most people knew how good of a dancer Patrick Swayze was. But it’s like this is the best he’s ever danced, as the connection between him and his wife shines through all throughout their routine.
Patrick Swayze and Lisa Nieme were married for 39 years. In Hollywood, that’s considered a miracle! They met when she was just a teenager; they fell in love, and stuck together until 2009 when Swayze tragically died of cancer.

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