5-year-old dials 911. What she said to the operator? I’m SPEECHLESS!

Most children would understandably freak out and just start crying if they saw their parents in a life-threatening situation. Well, 5-year-old Savannah is definitely not like most children.
When her father collapsed on the ground with chest pains, the little girl somehow managed to remain calm. She didn’t panic, and what she did next most likely saved her dad’s life. As soon as she noticed her daddy was not feeling well, she immediately thought about how she could help him get better.
The man started having pain in the chest, and he was struggling to breathe. The father managed to call 911, but he was in too much pain to be able to have a conversation with the operator. So he handed the phone to his 5-year-old girl who took control of the situation.
What followed is an incredible conversation between an adorable little girl who somehow managed to stay calm in that situation and a dispatch operator. The girl managed to offer all the information the operator needed to send an ambulance and provide help. The girl listened carefully and followed all instruction the operator gave her.
Luckily, it all ended well, the ambulance got there in time, and the man is now out of any danger.

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