She’s angry a child is learning to shoot. This wounded veteran’s response? PRICELESS!

If you follow with the news, you most likely know that accidental gun deaths that involve children are a huge problem in the United States. Nearly 1.7 million children live in households where there are guns. Some of these guns are kept loaded or in places where kids can easily reach out to.
Even if parents do a good job hiding their guns from their children, you never know how intuitive a kid might be. Several experiments have showed that children are very likely to discover a new hiding spot within minutes. Sometimes, despite parent’s best efforts to teach their children gun safety, kids still act on their curiosity and handle guns when parents are not home.
This can sometimes have fatal consequences. By the end of 2015, about 265 under aged children picked up a fireman. There were cases where children accidently shot each other while playing with guns, and some of these incidents were fatal.
Knowing all this, do you think some children are just too young to shoot, even if it’s under parent supervision, or not? Find out what the people taking part in a hidden camera show have to say about it.

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