This Pokémon Go in Real Life Prank Is Weirdly Entertaining

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past weeks, you know what Pokémon Go is all about. It’s most probably the most popular mobile game at the moment making both children and adults race around real-life locations hunting for tiny virtual Pokémons. What makes this game so popular it’s the way it manages to immerse players into the game by using real-life elements.
The prank below takes the augmented reality aspect of the game one step further and the result is totally hilarious. The pranksters pretend to have a feud inside a grocery store, after one of them bumps into the other. A fight looks like it’s about to start, and people in the grocery store start looking worried knowing they will most likely witness a violent interaction.
But that’s when things take a hilarious turn. Instead of starting to throw punches hoping to put his adversary down, the two men have a public Pokémon fight in the supermarket. They both have their own Pokémon to whom they give directions hoping to ultimately win the fight.
This is so unexpectedly funny that we’re sure you’ll love it. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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