3 Guys Assume Position. When They Open Their Mouths, You’ll Dance in Your Chair

Ever heard of a band called the Koi Boys? They are an incredible trio of singers from New Zeeland who have been together for over a decade. Recently, they managed to earn a place in the famous talent show “The Voice” Australia where they were mentored by no other than Jessie J.
The young men managed to make quite an impression with their unique singing style that mixes in jazzy elements. Their vocal ranges are downright incredible, as you will see in the video below where you can listen to them sing a cool rendition of Meghan Trainor’s song called ‘All About That Bass’.
I know you’ve probably heard the song a million times so far, but I bet you’ve never heard a version that sounds anything like this before.
If you need something to put you in a good mood, this is the video for you. Even if jazz is usually not your go-to genre when you want to listen to music, give this a chance.
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