Boy dedicates original song to dead brother, moves judges to tears with emotional performance

Performing in front of a large audience and an exacting jury like the one at X-Factor is enough to make anyone feel nervous. It’s not uncommon for contestants to start crying after their performance just because they are overwhelmed by their emotions.
But the young man in the video below had tears in his eyes even before he started singing. That’s because the song he was about to perform was dedicated to someone extremely specially who unfortunately was no longer physically a part of his life: his brother who had sadly passed away.
Christian Burrows sang an original song that he had written for his brother who passed away when the man was just a boy. Christin put his entire heart and soul into the song which shows an extremely intimate side of his personality. The song is so private to him, that the only person whom he trusted to listen to it was his mom.
However, Simon Cowell convinced him to also share the song and therefore his feelings with the rest of the world. The result was a heartfelt performance that will most likely put tears in your eyes.
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