4 People Line Up with Walkers to Perform Hit Song, But Man of the Group Steals Show with Routine

Unexpected things will happen, and not all of them will be good. That’s just life. What really matters is the way you choose to react to the things happening to you. In other words, your attitude. Keeping a positive mindset can help you overcome even the most difficult moments in life.
However, that is easier said than done, right? It’s not always so easy to look on the bright side of life and see the glass half full. Sometimes, the lemons life gives you are too sour to be turned into lemonade.
But thanks to humor, music and friends, it’s definitely possible to keep a positive attitude even when you don’t actually have a lot to celebrate. Just look at the man in the video below!
John was 55 years old when he suffered a massive stroke that landed him in a rehabilitation center. Before that, John had a happy family life and a job that he loved. But although this misfortunate event in his life caused him a lot of hardship, he still finds it within himself to smile and enjoy every day he has on this Planet.
His enthusiasm and strength are inspiring. Take a look:

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