Driver Returns Valuable Luggage to Passenger, Gets Reward That Changes His Life

I like to believe people have an innate instinct that makes them want to help others. However, the struggles and routine of everyday life often makes us stop listening to that inner voice that urges us to do good.
Or maybe you want to help others but don’t know where to start. Well, the truth is opportunities to do good are everywhere, you just have to seize them without expecting anything in return. That’s exactly what an honest cab driver from Baguio did and he ended up getting the prize of a lifetime for his good deed.
What the man did was to return a passenger’s valuables after he had forgotten them in his cab. The Australian man’s bag contained valuables worth hundreds of dollars, so you can imagine how happy the passengers must have been to get his things back.
“Reggie did not know the value of the contents, the suitcase was padlocked, and it wouldn’t have mattered if there were a million dollars or it was empty. The real story that should be focused on is his integrity,” wrote the man describing his experience in a Facebook post.
In return for his honesty, the passenger decided to repay the cab driver in an incredible way. You won’t believe what he did for him! Watch the video below to find out.

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